Monday, October 02, 2006

Good old Brescianella Stagionata

Ah yes, yummy Brescianella Stagionata.

You may recall that we've had a nice Brescianella all'Aquavit, bathed in aquavit and then rolled seductively in rye that's been soaked in brandy, back in this episode. I love the idea of sexy little bricks of cheese, rolling around in rye grains.

This time, we went for a straight up aged Brescianella -- which is still NOT for the faint of heart. Oh, what is that scent.. could it be eau de Old Gym Socks on a Baboon Foot? Why, yes, yes, it could.

But of course, when you're talking cheese, the stinkier the better.

Brescianella is a bit firmer than I expected, though it loosened up slightly at room temperature, and it has this oddly appealing ridged rind that seemed to go so well with the rustic cutting board that Eric's sister brought back for us from Italy.

Here's what Janet Fletcher had to say about the Stagionata version, plus a fresca version, which is not aged and has a bloomy rind. I've also been seeing articles on Brescianella Stravecchio (which to me sounds like the Stagionata but younger, and nicely aired on straw "Stravecchio") -- words like "oozes forth rich nutty flavors" have caught my attention. Ooze me some of that, would ya?

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