Sunday, July 23, 2006

Brescianella, Lingot de Quercy & Fuzzy Butt Pale Ale

In recent months, Eric has been making excellent use of the home brew equipment, and I 'd be remiss if I didn't mention his latest creation -- made especially for -- well, you might be able guess who it's for. This is the Fuzzy Butt sitting proudly next to his namesake "Fuzzy Butt" Pale Ale. And as you can see, it is indeed fuzzy.

But, what is he looking at, you enquire -- because, strangely, he seems to be looking past the glass of ale....

The answer, as it turns out, is a little weekend treat -- for us, not the kitty -- a chunk of Lingot de Quercy, a very tasty, but tangy-on-the-back-end goat cheese from the Rocamadour cooperative -- the fine folks that also bring you Cabecou. Apparently opinion often splits on this cheese, but we found it perky and delightful, as good goat cheese should be. Janet Fletcher had some things to say about it and pasteurization in her column.

The other fascinating concoction pictured on the left is an Italian Brescianella all'Acquavita-- a cheese that's been washed in acquavit and then wrapped up in rye soaked in brandy. Uh... yum. The homeland of this cheese is in Lombardy, and the *pow* of flavors just keep on coming as you eat it. Highly recommended, but not for the faint of heart.

Ah, the sweet stinky smell of cheese. The kitty likes ale, but at heart he is, after all, the Cheese Kitty.

Read more about the making of Fuzzy Butt Pale Ale on Eric's site!

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