Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tell me why I need a girolle

Okay, cheese fans out there, tell me why I need a girolle. No, for real. I'm in desperate need of a solidly argued excuse.

In case you've never seen one, a girolle is this lovely little Swiss device created especially for cheese, and not just any cheese, but for those savory little wheels of Swiss Tete de Moine. They make stunning "delicate ruffles" of cheese that evaporate on your tongue leaving only the gust of flavor behind.

I want gusts of flavor from ruffles of cheese. I want pretty little cheese flounces that breeze over my taste buds. Great Heavens, do I want a girolle with an unreasonable fervor.

But how can I possibly justify spending $80 on an item with only one use? And not just that, only one use for one kind of cheese?

So help me out here folks -- tell me why I must have a girolle -- why it is, in fact, a kitchen essential. My Cheese Kitty and I will thank you.

We respectfully await your excuses....


Anonymous said...

HI, Girolle buff! I have been, of late, in a deliciously innovative mood. Thoughts about my raison-de-etre, ambition, passion(s), desire(s), the BIG aim, the dreams have been doing cartwheels in my fertile mind, trying to jolt me off my temporary state of ennui.

Watching the sun set down a sea-scenic horizon, caring maddeningly for your pet who is now more than a human relative to you, craving for that special brand of hard cheese that turns your ordinary meal into gourmet (yes, I too am a cheese-crazy chomping gourmand!), buying antiques - whatever your passionate calling in life may be.

Go for it! Buff away merrily! After all, what's life with 'a' passion or a string of them!!!

ME said...

:) You're right of course, and in a way, I feel like the girolle is such a small thing. But then again, I have a small kitchen and I look at the picnic basket I never use, the apple peeler/corer I never use, the sadly dusty pasta machine... Still maybe if I got rid of a couple of those I'd feel better about getting the girolle. LOL Thanks, Aruna!

Anonymous said...

So what's cooking lately?

I had planned a small, cosy dinner recently for some family and friends. But went out the whole hog.

Water body with floating tea lights and flowers in the yard, aromatic candle and long stemmed red roses in the Lounge and Dining areas, drinks - Lemon Drop Martini (apparently Oprah's favourite), Single Malt (Husband's choice), Cranberry & Vodka and juices; Hors d'oeuvres - Bruschetta, Asparagus spears wrapped in ham and cheese, spring rolls, kebab roundels, cottage cheese cubes on tooth picks, five dips.

Main Course was Paneer kathi rolls, Kebab kathi rolls, Pea Pulao, Lamb Roganjosh, Chick pea and sweet corn salad, Thai Green curry, Raw Papaya salad, Pita Bread with Hummus and Tabouleh and Indian & western breads.

The meal was rounded off with vanilla and chocolate ice cream sundae topped with fruit & mango jelly salad and Godiva chocolate shavings, and propped with chocolate wafers.

I loved organising the do as much as the guests enjoyed experiencing it.

Any tips on entertaining from you would be welcome.

Also, do visit my blog whenever you have the time. Would love you feedback on my postings.

Have a nice day!

Aruna Dhir