Monday, July 02, 2012

More Jam-making fun

It's turning into a little bit of a thing, I admit, but we're making more jam.  This time over at Mover & Maker's gorgeous home.  There's something so satisfying about those pretty  jar of colorful yummy.

 This time on the menu is Apricot Rosemary Jam, courtesy of Urban Preserving.

It's a curious recipe as it includes no pectin at all. I know apricots have a good bit of pectin already in them, but I have to say this recipe ended up a bit runny.  It has a terrific flavor though, so I think some experimentation may be in order to see if a few tablespoons of pectin might help tighten up matters.

Among the other recipes we tried out were Strawberry Basil Jam and also a Strawberry Lime Cardamom Jam from SP Cookie Queen, that has the added benefit of being low sugar.  This one does use pectin although again, much less that I would have thought would be needed.

Of course slaving over a hot stove is such labor....

It's a good thing that there's a gorgeous table at which to recline and a glass of cool white wine to take the edge off...

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