Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mac and Cheese in the NYTimes


Oh yeah -- the question is, when is enough cheese in a mac and cheese?

In my last post I forgot to mention we dined a couple of times at Artisanal, which if you're not cheese obsessed like us, is the fancy cheese restaurant at 31st and Park Ave. South. You can sit at the bar and get a flight of cheeses and wines to match, or you can get a whole dinner. Ah choices choices...

Eric tried their lovely French Onion Soup which was made the RIGHT way -- caramelizing the hell out of those onions and adding a hefty dose of Gruyere, Emmenthaler and Beaufort on the top to make the best cheese yummies imaginable.

We became aware, however, of just how much cheese snobbery we've developed during the following exchange:

"You have Epoisses on the menu?"
"Can you tell me who the producer is?"
"Yes, who made the cheese? Is it Berthaut, Germain?"
"Oh. I think it's Berthaut."
"Oh, never mind then."
"I can check on it for you."
"No, thanks. That's okay. Your Saint-Maure de Touraine -- is it runny?"
"Runny? I'm not sure. "
"You know what, I think I ought to go take a look -- I'll be right back."

Cheese snobbery.

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