Monday, June 20, 2011

More more Morimoto

My Omnivore and I managed a sneaky little getaway to Napa on Friday and shock of shock it wasn't for wine tasting. We kept the economy moving though with some well distributed clothes shopping and then an extravagant lunch at Morimoto's in Napa.

Ordinarily pricey lunches wouldn't be my thing, but I got an unexpected gift card from a friend and we thought , hey, why not blow it on something yummy?

The nice thing about Morimoto's is that, for as loud and slick as it is inside, you can sit outside and enjoy the sun and the riverside atmosphere. Not that the Napa river is much to look at but gosh humans seem to love being near moving water.

We wanted to try a lot of stuff, so we started with the ten-hour pork belly. Absolutely divine! It was succulent and savory and fall-apart good. The dish comes with a soft rice congee and some crispy shredded burdock root on top and getting a mix of all of the above in each bite is sublime.

The tuna pizza was next, crisscrossed with aioli, thinly sliced jalapeño and cherry tomatoes and blanketed in microgreens. One of the things that made every dish so good was the attention to proportionality--ordinarily I'd be picking jalapeños off of my raw tuna, but when slice thin , they were crispy, and fresh flavored with just a slight bit of heat.

For our mains, we each order a Bento Box for $25 each. My Omnivore selected the Braised Black Cod, perfectly succulent and coated in a deep dark sauce.

Mine was a Wagyu Beef which came in a stew like form over rice with a fresh egg (perfectly runny yolk) atop it.

Both Bentos came with a good miso, nothing too out of the ordinary, but really supremely perfect tempura vegetables, coated in a light, yet crispy batter and with a pool of yuzu flavored yogurt underneath it.

There were also some small maki and sushi selections with the sweetest, yummiest pickled ginger ever made.

for a finale? I was stuffed, but My Omnivore convinced me we needed to try the desserts, so we settled for ice cream sandwiches: chocolate with orange, peanut butter and white chocolate.

Stuffed and happy, the lunch set us back $170 with tax and tip, which is totally Venice-style extravagant, but you know what? I'd totally go again.
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