Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cutest cast iron pots ever

I'm fairly certain that My Omnivore thought I was being frivolous when I purchased these adorable cast iron one-pint kettles. But look at them-- how cute are they?

Over the weekend I made Boeuf Bourguignonne and we scooped some of it into the kettles, topped it with heavily creamed and buttered mashed potatoes, popped that under the broiler until the potatoes were nicely crusted brown-- heaven in a one-pint pot. My Omnivore is now a believer. It just tastes better in the kettle. Plus you can cook the stew right in your kettle, broil your potatoes in your kettle and then put it piping hot on the table.

We have plans for these kettles-- mac and cheese, lamb shanks, white beans and kale, oh, and pot pies. This whole kettle obsession started with a lobster pot pie recipe by Colorado chef Jake Linzinmeir, damn him, and I've continued to obsess over them for years, so we are definitely making some lobster pot pies!

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