Saturday, December 18, 2010

Glorious cheese!!

For Christmas I got a gift card to Cowgirl Creamery-- how well do my friends know me?

So on the first day when I had no projects due, no classes to teach or rehearsals to run, no work to do--guess where you can find me??

Like kids in a candy store, we sampled everything they'd let us try. Uh-huh.

"We really like cheese " I confide to the guy.

"Yeah, I know," he replies.

And it briefly runs through my mind that they might have a picture of me up on the wall in the back labelled "Easy Cheese Mark. "

Our take: a terrific soft Appalachian, a nutty Tarentais with little crystalline bursts in every bite, a gooey perfectly ripe Ardrahan-- no bitterness to the washes rind, just umami goodness-- and a Comte made from summer milk, affined by Jean d'Alos. The latter was so good I could've taken that whole giant wheel.

Dinner is served.

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