Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lunch at the Russian Tea Room

One of the icons of my childhood was always the Russian Tea Room. It's been closed and reopened and changed, if not entirely, at least modernized and not really the same as when I first went there. But the place still serves Russian specialties, although with modern twists that I find appealing. And there's enough there to remind me of the opulence I recalled, even though the diners now come in jeans and tee shirts and the red and gold is a bit more overwhelming than I remembered.

The menu.

I had the goat cheese and wild mushroom crepe. Not earthshattering but very elegantly executed.

For my main, the Chicken Tabaka. The poussin was nicely crispy although I didn't get the porcini- ness at all. The Brussels were quite yummy so I guess I shouldn't quibble that I got only one baby turnip on the plate-- I never liked turnips anyhow.

I was really looking forward to the blintz though which had a great cheese filling. So good I quite forgot to take a picture.

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