Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I want a new refrigerator

Last night the glass shelf that covers our vegetable rotter exploded. Well, okay, it suddenly and quietly collapsed into about a thousand pieces.

No reason. Just gave up the ghost.

It was hot last night and I'm cranky now. I want a new refrigerator, but the space in our ridiculously small kitchen won't allow for a refrigerator over 58 inches high or 24 inches wide.

Here is a view of our fridge from our Scenes from a Four Square (Foot) kitchen.

I want to stand up straight when I remove food from my fridge.

I want to be able to put all the food we need for a dinner for ten in the fridge instead of some of it in coolers and some of it in Ms. Art Attack's fridge.

I want to have a certified Energy Star fridge.

Is it so much to ask??


Anonymous said...

Just bite the bullet and get a SubZero 42" built in. That's what we did and WOW, it was worth every penny!

ME said...

I wish we could! We have a rental but if I did things the way I wanted, we'd rip out all the cabinets, install a La Cornue and the Subzero, change the sink and put in a dishwasher. Unfortunately the landlady won't agree...

Anna said...

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