Monday, October 30, 2006

Scenes from the Four-Square kitchen

I love those ads in fancy glossy magazines. People dressed in improbable clothes and looking so happy. I'd be happy too if I had a La Cornue stove or a 25 cubic foot French Door refrigerator with custom ice cube dispenser.

"The Side by Side style gives you a panoramic view of all your fresh food while the gallon size bins slide-out shelves and OptiBin drawers give you plenty of organizational options."

A panoramic view, huh?

"This refrigerator looks so good your guests will think your food tastes better!"

I suppose our food WOULD taste better if we didn't have to move the garbage can out of the way in order to open the fridge door.


cindym said...

you are fabulous, dahling, and your fridge is fabulous too. fret not!

ME said...

LOL -- I think maybe the contents of the fridge are a little more faboo than the actually appliance -- but I'll take the props! :)