Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sonoma Vacation: Dutton Goldfield/ Balletto and Hartford Family Wineries

We had a few wineries on the list and we hit our first one on the way up Highway 116 to Guerneville.

On the search for Chardonnays of redeeming crispness, my Omnivore turned up the name of Dutton. No, no, we were told, that's the Dutton Estates up the road. Same family, different kids. But while we were there, why not sample...?

Why not indeed?

Balletto, the winery that shares the tasting room made some nice wines, and we bought a bottle of Pinot Gris from Balletto and a Zin from Dutton, but if I'm being honest, the best selling point of the place is a nice quiet patio with a fountain where we could put up the umbrellas over the tables, and indulge in my favorite pastime, picnicking!

It takes me all of about 2 minutes to roll out the spread.

In preparation for this little excursion, I made a couple of batches of homemade mustards-- our mustard adventures will have to wait for a post of their own--and picked up some of Fra'Mani's luscious new Rosemary ham, along with slices of soppresata and toscano. Add some of those Maille cornichons, slices of St. George, toasted pecans, a few bites of fregola..... I'm in picnic heaven!

Balletto & Dutton-Goldfield Tasting Room

5700 Occidental Road
(midway between Hwy 116 and Fulton)
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
707.568.2455 x18

Hartford Family Wines
8075 Martinelli Road
Forestville, CA

Back to our itinerary.

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