Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sonoma Vacation: Divine Delights

Vacation! Really? Honest? Yay!

We kicked off our trip up to the gorgeous Russian River with a quick pass by a place I found online a few weeks ago after paroxysms of frustration unleashed by the great Petits Fours Debacle.

The Petaluma-based Divine Delights makes Petits Fours... and they'll ship them to you.

But are they any good? Their Petit Four Outlet is apparently "Now Open" and easily accessed from the Old Redwood Highway exit off 101, so we made them our first target.

Petit Four Outlet?

Fine, bring it on.

Actually, the place is the home base where they make the thousands of painfully, adorable little cakes, and ship them all over the country. There's a small room with a case of samples that are less expensive than if you ordered them from the catalog and had to pay shipping (about $1.00 apiece for the small petits fours).

They were kind enough to let us peek at the facility where the magic happens. Cakes are made on site, using Italian almond paste for the cake, and poured Guittard chocolate (not fondant-- aha! the secret!) for the smooth, sweet covering. All of the cakes are run through a machine for their two coats of chocolate, but they are expertly hand decorated, as you can see from the two charming ladies who are already working on Christmas themes.

Right, right. They're disarmingly precious and look stunning on a tea stand, but are they any good??

Ahhhh... yes, yes, the Strawberry one... quite nice... Yes, the Apple one, yes, indeedy, quite good. The Hazelnut... um.. let me take a bite. Oh yes, yes. And that's one...? Orange? Yes, yes, by Jove, quite good. And the Lemon? Mmmm-ph, mmmm-hmmmm... And ugggmmmph...? Pass the mmmmmph....with the ..... mmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmm.


Note: Management would like to indicate that insufficient testing was conducted. One sample of each flavor results in an OBVIOUSLY inconclusive study. Testing must begin again. From the beginning. With more samples. Now.

Divine Delights
1250 Holm Rd
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 800-443-2836

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