Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Golden Produce's new store is open!

So our favorite little local grocery store is Golden Produce (172 Church Street at Market), which I blogged about in 2006 in the midst of the Wedding Frenzy.

They always have the freshest organic veggies and a host of fabulous little other items, from imported pasta to my favorite mini-biscotti.

So when Golden's family mentioned that they were in the process of opening a new store a few doors down at 130 Church Street, we were elated. Every week it seemed, for years, we would ask how it was going -- when they were opening...

Well, last Monday, they finally took down the brown plywood, opened their doors, and on Monday night I waltzed out of there with a bag stuffed full of goodies...

The new store is vastly more spacious, and a major difference is that this one will carry meat, wine and a wider array of cheeses. The old store will of course keep on stocking the fabulous vegetables -- the little mini-peppers and lemongrass, beautiful shiitakes and seasonal apples and pears.

The new one though, has organic meat, lamb from Sonoma, Rosie organic chickens, sausages, bacon, chops, that sort of thing.

But in addition they also seem to have everything I always have to run all over town for -- right there--in one place! Seventh Generation paper towels and cleaners, recycled paper coffee filters, D'Arbo jams, Newman's cat food, King Arthur flour, Saint Marcellin cheeses, Fra'Mani salamettos, torta d'aceite from Spain, Cline Syrah, Amy's Mac and Cheese, Annie Chun's soba noodles. Just walking around the store made me happy!

Go, go now! Feel the happiness. 130 Church Street.

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