Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Et in Arcadia ego

Just catching up on the frenzy of eating we did from the holiday season.

We were scheduled to see Ballet San Jose's Nutcracker and, determined to have a nice relaxing dinner, we stumbled upon Michael Mina's Arcadia in San Jose. It's only a short walk (one block, but a long one!) from the theater, and it's the best meal I've had in San Jose yet. (No cackles from the peanut gallery).

Located in the Marriott, it's a little less intimidating than Mina' place in San Francisco-- not so formal, and packed with happy conventioneers at the bar, although that does make it QUITE LOUD. What? LOUD. What? I SAID, IT'S LOUD.

Since we were going to see the Nutcracker, I guess it lent a certain ambiance to be seated under the butt of the giant Nutcracker doll. I might have preferred a different view, but it was entertaining I suppose.

I haven't been to Michael Mina in the St. Francis, which sounds thoroughly amazing. I'm guessing that Arcadia is rather different in style as it is billed as a steakhouse. But since that was all I was looking for in a pre-show meal, I was quite happy. I got the burger, perfectly prepared, with a side of impossible-to-stop-eating duck-fat fries.

My Omnivore ordered the Steak Rossini, a nice rib eye over a potato cake with mushrooms, topped with seared foie gras. Pricey, but extremely yummy.

And for dessert -- a fantastic rich chocolate cake with salt caramel ice cream. The cake was luxurious, but with the ice cream, kind of almost decadent.

Perhaps we shall have to investigate the Mina closer to home...

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