Monday, May 14, 2007

Picky about Piccolo

Don't get me wrong -- I love Andante's cheeses-- especially the Piccolo, which a deliciously sharp tangy rind and spectacularly goopity interior. My Omnivore knows that a cheese treat will calm his stressed out little kitty. Cats really love spring cheeses, in case you weren't aware of it.

But why, why I ask you do these fragile cheeses do so poorly when they only have to travel a few miles to get to me?

The kitty's nose wrinkles delicately. A bit of ammonia, she says. At least that's how I interpret her chirpy remark to me.

Still, it's a beautiful cheese, with a nicely dry heart that contrast with that creamy silky ooze.

Did we eat it? Um, hello? Gone in sixty seconds.


cindym said...

Okay, where are you finding Andante cheeses? I have been looking around - Cheese Board, Cowgirl Creamery - can't find 'em. I got a lecture at Cowgirl Creamery from the dude with a moustache that left me a little verklempt. What's your source, ME??

Your kitties are too cute.

Kitties AND Andante. No fair. Even if they are ammonia-y. (The cheese. Not the kitties.)

ME said...

:) So we actually get them at Whole Foods' cheese counter, believe it or not. But I'm having some misgivings because the Whole Foods on California has changed their setup and the nicely refrigerated spearate case is gone -- all the pretty goat cheeses are thrown willy nilly into the abyss of the open case to fend for themselves, poor things!

I've had a little trouble though with getting ammoniated Andantes before -- even when we picked up a Nocturne at the Ferry Plaza from the Andante stand. I'm afraid they're just such delicate little things. They don't seem to travel very well.

Maybe it's the cow's milk because we've had better luck with the Acapella.

cindym said...

Hmm, ok, well at least they're available somewhere. I was beginning to despair. What?? There is an Andante stand at the Ferry Building? Where?

I feel like 60% of the cheeses I buy are super ammonia-y. My dad bought us about five from a cheese place in Sonoma that shall go unnamed and there was only ONE that passed muster. Same deal with another cheese place in The Sunset. Unless they have lots of turnover it's not even worth it, but that makes me sad because it rules out a lot of the smaller purveyors.

ME said...

So it's in the middle of the plaza-- start from the statue of Gandhi and walk directly away from the Ferry building down the center "aisle." It will be on your right. I think they're only there on Saturdays though.

The whole ammonia thing makes me very sad, because --as you know well-- in France so many of those little cheeses have such a FABULOUS grassy nose, like being nuzzled by a goat -- a clean goat.