Monday, April 30, 2007

Tomme du Berger

We're getting down to the part of the year when we seem to have absolutely no time free. Seriously, the weeks are packed, the weekends are packed.

Just to get dinner accomplished yesterday (an exceptionally yummy Zingerman Roasted Chicken, we had to trade off tasks back and forth.

So stressful was the day that two kitties were required to bring the blood pressure level down.

Eric took the opportunity to treat us to a bit of Tomme du Berger (affined by Herve Mons). This delicious little Provencal cheese has a nutty mellowness, and a softly, stinky foot odor.

I liked eating it with the washed rind in each bite, though it's not quite as moist as, say, a Red Hawk.

You can read a bit more about it on Murray's Cheese site or here.

Why, the kitty demands to know, did we not acquire more of this?

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