Saturday, December 30, 2006

New York Holidays: Postcards

I love New York in the holidays. Yes, the holiday travel is a bear -- draining and debilitating -- but still, the trip has its various compensations. This year, we slipped in a side trip to Philadelphia, a gourmet Christmas dinner at my Dad's, and also catch up on some of our favorite places.

Here are some images from the city I grew up in.

The stars at the Jazz Center -- I love that they change colors in time with the Christmas carols.

The tree at Rockefeller Center is always covered in mounds of lights.

The hall of the blue whale at the Museum of Natural History.

No visit to the museum would be complete without a visit to some of my old, (i.e. fossilized) friends in the 4th floor halls. Their displays have morphed, the method of teaching dino-history has changed, and the T-Rex now hunches over us in a low posture. But od dly enough, exhibits like the hadrosaurs above still seem like the same old friends.

Triceratops is as fearsome as ever.

A typical New York moment. Crowds locked out of the subway and a chaotic cacophony of sounds on the Number 6 line platform at Canal Street. Shouting, an alarm going off, the rumble of subway cars, and a guy playing erhu. I told Eric that if we were real academics, there would be a musical happening we could formulate based on this. We would call it simply "Six," and it would be a piece for drums, horns, erhu and a full choir.

I love the food you see on the streets of New York. It's like Flor de Mayo -- the Chinese Cuban place on the upper West Side. I guess I hadn't noticed the prevalence of halal food carts before, but they delighted me on this trip.

The lovely Chrysler building against a warm blue sky.

The Morgan Library's terrifically vast new space, designed by Renzo Piano.

The still exceptionally ugly Foster Monster, Norman Foster's eco-friendly, but taste-unfriendly glass and steel sprout inside the facade of the old Hearst building.

A fat squirrel in Fort Tryon Park. So self-satisfied, he didn't budge as we stood under him taking pictures.

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