Saturday, December 30, 2006

New York Holidays: Philadelphia

On this trip to the East Coast we took a brief excursion to Philadelphia to see our Food Snoot friends and also pay our respects to Merion's Barnes Foundation before they rip the whole thing apart and send it to be commercialized in the mainstream freeway museum mile in Philly.

I haven't the words to describe this place, which is for most people, the seminal art experience of their lives. After a few hours there, Eric and our friends had to agree -- it's the kind of place that makes you see the world in a totally new way.

Speaking of our food snoot friends, the latest addition to the family, rumor has it, is not too keen on food-- an embarassment of epic proportions for such gourmets.

I have to say though, in our time there, we saw her happily smearing chocolate all over herself and happily snarfing down foie gras samples. "Perhaps you're not feeding her the right stuff," I suggested, probably to her parents' chagrin.

But then again, perhaps my suspicions were borne out as our Fine Young Cannibal attempted to get a good nosh out of my wrist.

Me, with baby and cat. I guess I have that comfortable, cozy air about me.

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