Thursday, October 13, 2005

More cough remedies from the cranky sick one...

Since I'm up to the part of my cold where there's a painful cough and lung congestion, I thought I'd share my next remedy as well, which is a simple one, but really helps me a lot more than the store bought expectorants. It's gargling warm water mixed with Tabasco sauce.

For about a cup of water, I use 15 drops of Tabasco, which whould turn it sort of the color of light raspberry lemonade. The pepper helps bring blood to the throat, which is useful and also clears congestion. Gargle with that a couple of times every few hours.

Then I make myself a nice cup of chamomile tea with honey, which tends to soothe the soreness.
I have to say, I didn't used to be all homeopathic, but in the last cold season, I discovered that, gosh-darn-it, these things just work better on me!

Kitty is unimpressed, although I do espy some concern on his face...

Or not.

Now. What's on TV at 5 in the morning?

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