Friday, September 21, 2007

My Office

My workstation is COMPLETELY OSHA compliant.

("Hey, hey! HEY! You aren't taking a picture are you? Well... is it cute?")

My guidelines for the perfect computer workstation.

1) Top of the monitor at or below eye level.

2) Head and neck balanced and in line with torso.

3) Shoulders relaxed.

4) Elbows close to the body and supported.

5) Lower back supported.

6) Lap supported and warmed.

7) Adequate room for keyboard, cat and mouse.

8) Feet flat on floor.


Anonymous said...

The cat picture is begging to be on :)

I still owe you a list of my videos. Someone just gave me a (bad) copy of the RB inauguration of Covent Garden: Bussell doing the Rose Adagio, Kobborg a solo from Napoli, Acosta the Le Corsaire male variation, etc.

Mary Ellen Hunt said...

Oh lord-- that is a hilarious site. What would my caption be though? "I can hold your butt in place"?

I have to say I've seriously lagged on sending you my list. OY. But can I offer 2003 Etoiles of the 21st Century with a nice Ansanelli doing Diamonds and Tchai Pas...