Friday, June 22, 2012

More Glorious Cheese!

Was it only a couple of months ago that I discovered a new cheese shop had opened in Hayes Valley? Okay, it's not a cheese shop, per se, but rather a French food shop called Gourmet & More on Gough St, but it has a breathtaking Cheese Room, the Cheese Room of my dreams in the back.

Oh, the word is out all over the foodie circles because Laurent, the proprietor, gets a hold of some stellar, beautiful French cheeses, along with some Italian, Spanish and Dutch tidbits that can't be overlooked either.
We've made a half a dozen trips there in as many weeks, so I guess it's safe to say they're becoming a habit. Tasty Brie de Meaux, stinky Livarot, a fine goopy L'Edel de Cleron that we baked in the oven and attacked with a spoon.

Lest you think it's all soft smelly cheese for us (though it usually is, I admit) we've also come away with hunks of lovely, nutty Comte, beautiful Jurassic and some excellent, creamy Goat Gouda with nettles.
Laurent is extremely knowledgeable of course and even better, he's happy to help you along with cheese adventures.

The place is also conveniently just around the corner from the Suppenkuche biergarten on Octavia.

This place has predictably taken off like gangbusters now that more reasonable weather occasionally happens in San Francisco. The food is yummy though and it's worth the wait in line for a brat basket with one of those great soft pretzels and a beer or a glass of Gruner.

Almost feels like I'm back in Munich, but better because I can get a salted caramel ice cream from Smitten for dessert, while my Omnivore gets a coffee from Blue Bottle up the street.

Sometimes I can't quite believe that the whole Proxy idea is taking off and working, but I'm not complaining if it means good food is just a stroll away!
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