Friday, June 25, 2010

Bin 480 in the Marriott

When we shop downtown I'm always looking for a place to cool my heels and get a little bite--a not-too-expensive bite, mind you.

Yelpers have been talking about Bar 480 in the new Marriott hotel and though I'm not a big Marriott supporter I thought it might be worth checking out for a late snack after battling through the Apple store and wading our way through tourist hordes in Union Square. So my Omnivore stopped on at the place on 480 Sutter and I was pleasantly surprised to find it quite quiet.

During happy hour, as I had read, you can get $6 drinks and even better, $6 snacks. So we rook advantage and got a couple of glasses of wine and a dinnerplate sized pizza.

Is it incredible stuff? No, of course not-- this isn't Quince after all. But it's decent, the wine selection is standard, but good and for a cheap bite? Perfect.

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