Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Madrid at last...

Travelling. That first night is always a doozy, but we feel slightly triumphant, having made it to Madrid and weathered flight changes after the British Airways strike started on the day of our departure.

We have alit at Puerta del Sol and the Tio Pepe sign, even on the largely abandoned building, is like a shining beacon.

Also like a shining beacon is the Museum of Jamon. Reports from across the Internet have indicated that the place is "a bit touristy." No doubt. They failed to mention the many MoJ franchises that have mushroomed up all over Madrid.

Or its placement on the corner opposite a Dunkin' Doughnuts. Really? Yes. Yes, indeedy.

But the MoJ is relatively serious inside. People are buying jamon products by the kilo and cheese galore at one counter--at what seem to me to be reasonable prices--and the aura of controlled chaos indicates a decent-ish mix of tourists and locals, so we haven't crossed it off the list yet.

From there we're tired but determined to begin the Madrid adventure. So we stroll over to Plaza Mayor.

By the way, it's cold.

So for all those people who jinxed us by saying, "Spain in April? You'll love it-- it'll be so warm, it'll be great!" Thanks. It's about 37 F. and I'm wearing my long sleeves, sweaters and the big Italian coat I bought in Florence when we arrived there one frigid October after everyone told us "it'll be so warm, you'll love it," and it was about 37 F.
My Omnivore-- in the Italian wool seater HE bought in Venice when we nearly froze to death that same October, and the nice thick buffalo leather jacket from same trip-- standing at the plaque in Puerta del Sol marking "kilometre zero" from whence all roads in Spain are measured....Let the adventures begin.

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