Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off to Spain

And away we go...

Yes, at long last my Omnivore and I are off to (we hope) sunny Spain. It's a vacation literally a year in the planning. We've been thinking and researching and plotting it for so long and in some ways now that it's actually happening it feels surreal. Or maybe that just the effects of staying up all night packing...

Now of course, when I say we're planning to eat fabulously I always forget that first one must eat terribly... On the plane. British Airways has to be commended for coming through in spite of the strike by the cabin crew union, but really? Let's just say the food wouldn't have been up to Gordon Ramsay standards.

The wine is a homey Redwood Creek Cab which my Omnivore observe ia redolent of Paas Easter egg dye. I figure this is a seasonal thing and that maybe at Christmas they serve holly-flavored Pinot.

Most worrisome is the title on the land o' Lakes spread.

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