Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pig Potions

Prepping for brined, smoked, slowcooked potted ham hock.

I'm on step one which is the brining. We'll be trying a variation on Michael Ruhlman's four day cure which is as follows:

1.5 lb. mulefoot ham hock
1/2 gallon of water
150 g. Kosher salt
95 g. brown sugar
20 g. DQ curing salt #1 (ie pink salt)

Combine all brine ingredients and bring to a boil. Let the brine cool and then place the hock in a large resealable bag, pour in the brine and refrigerate 4 days.

NEXT UP: drying and then smoking.

We were lucky enough to locate some pink salt at the Village Market in the Ferry Building and although I'm still nursing my pastrami dreams right now, I figure this is a good way to get started and bust open that package.

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