Monday, June 22, 2009

Call me Llama

Let's face it -- life is way too hectic these days -- all that running around, grubbing for money, trying to catch up on things like, oh...say... your food blog. But then every so often you just have to stop and pet the llamas. At least that's my new adage.

This is one of those reasons why I love San Francisco. There you are, hurrying through Civic Center, feeling hot and grumpy, and suddenly you see two llamas grazing on the grass in front of City Hall.

It just made my day.

And probably made the day for a few other folks too.

The llamas were visiting from their Sonora home -- just in for sightseeing for the day I suppose. I got to pet them and found out that llamas are just wonderfully soft.

And for a bite of SF's finest greenery...

I'm not sure if this Silver Knoll place is the ranch the llamas came from, but I'm mesmerized by that fluffy mane of fuzz around their llamas' necks!

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