Friday, December 19, 2008

Yep-pah, Nopa

A quick glimpse of Nopa (NOrth of the PAnhandle, get it?)...

I've been meaning to put up some photos of this popular neighborhood place since it opened a few years ago.

I went there with Ms. Croix de Candlestick and lo, these many years later, I had strong memories of the braised short ribs and the fries with harissa dip.

One of the other quirks of Nopa that I like a lot, is that they take local water (SF has some of the best) and carbonate it themselves. No expensive guilt-inducing carbon trail... Love it.

Yes, I ordered a salad!! A warm salad of chicories with a poached egg and yummy bits of housmade bacon. The egg had that great farm fresh color and I have to say, I even liked the bitterness of the chicory.

THIS is what I wanted though. The fries, with the harissa and feta.

Feeling slightly guilty, I ordered some grilled broccoli with lemon and anchovy-- cause, y'know, greens cancel out the fattening qualities of fries.'s a tip...the fries are better.

Feeling adventurous, I also ordered some little fish--smelts maybe?-- fried whole and serced with lemon and romesco sauce.

Pssst... here's a tip... the fries are better.

For my Omnivore, seared duck breast with spinach, celeriac puree and chanterelles. Yep. Yep... Yum.

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