Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Traversing the Bermuda Triangle

She's the Devil, that Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove. Making those tempting little goat cheeses that ooze their way into our hearts-- that flirt with a dry witty heart, whilst offering a fulsome, silky soft tease over the tongue.

My Omnivore recently brought home a goodly-sized chunk of her Bermuda Triangle, a tangy example of the soft-ripened goat cheeses that Cypress Grove does so well. It's shaped like a triangular log in the style of P. Jacquin's Le Grand Caprin, which is also an ash-dusted goat.

An hour or so under glass on our table, and the Triangle opens right up and starts running on ahead of us. Since we're oh-so-unlikely to see M. Jacquin et fils' Caprin here, I can only bow with gratitude to our local goat cheesers, who help foster my addiction. Read more about it at the Cowgirl's Library o' Cheese.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... We're planning a little summer break, maybe up in the Russian River. Wineries, restaurant recommendations all start pouring forth.

"But, but, what about ....cheese?" I advance timidly. "Maybe we could visit some cheese places...?"

Seriously, folks. Got a great place in Healdsburg you know of? Tell us about it!


Anonymous said...

This is a good place to stop if you like fresh bread. It's out of your way if your going to Healdsburg, though.


cheesecake said...

Don't miss the Cheese Shop Healdsburg. Proprietor Doralice Handal can give you a tour de fromage from the best of the local crameries.
423 Center St., 707-433-4998

ME said...

Thanks so much! We will definitely check out both the Wild Flour Bread and cheese shop. I see that Doralice also stocks June Taylor jams as well as a lot of interesting Ecuadorian cheeses. Sounds yummy!!