Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cute Pigeons

So outside of the door to the fire escape at the studio where I take class, we have a pigeon who's daringly established her nest in an old disused plant bucket.

I'm utterly fascinated by the look of the little hatchlings because in all my life, I've never seen a baby pigeon before.

In fact I remember that once, when I used to work at the Exploratorium, someone asked why one never sees little pigeon-lings. The answer was that pigeons apparently pretty much stay in the nest getting fed mom's "milk" until they're, well... the size of pigeons. Then, when mom gets tired of her 30-year old pigeon offspring still living in her basement, she kicks them out of the nest.

I believe it. When I first saw these little fuzzballs on Friday they looked kinda wormy and a lot smaller. Now, four days later, they're getting pretty fat and look well fed.

Where's that pigeon pie recipe...?

Just kidding.

Sort of.


Anonymous said...

don't eat pigeons they poor pigeons did even do nothing.infact they want to bring peace.i think u should feed them!even if you are not a very religious person if u give them food they will pray for u! G0 FOR IT1AND LOVE THEM AND RAISE THEM LIKE A KID!

Katherine said...

So cute... i once had a baby pigeon...