Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A trip to Martha-Martha-Land

I love staged shots.

This month's Martha Stewart magazine sports a feature about Martha's impossibly large, impossibly organized "crafts room."

"Similar items are stored together," the article informs us chirpily.

Oh, how easy, how simple life can be. Once again, the carrot of clean, color coordinated organization is dangled in front of us.

If we lived in Martha-Martha-land, our kitchen drawers would look like this:

When the reality, I feel, is that any person with a normal kitchen would have drawers that look like this.


Janet said...

lol yup, that's what my kitchen utensil drawer looks like!

ME said...

:) HEehee.

BTW, I love your photography on your site. I wish I were as skilled-- then maybe all my pictures wouldn't look grey and blurry!