Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moliterno al Tartufo

I love springtime --especially when the cherry blossoms are out. Such a lovely sight as I walk to work each morning.

Of course, they'll probably be gone by the time of Japantown's official Cherry Blossom festival which runs from April 14-22, but I'm enjoying them for now.

This morning, we're having a decadent breakfast of scrambled eggs mixed with Moliterno al Tartufo, a raw sheep's milk cheese mixed with a truffle pate from Sardinia and affined by the Luigi Guffanti family. Check out the vein of truffle on that cheese!

I asked my Omnivore what cheese he was putting in the eggs and he said, "The Tartalicious Truffo-yummo cheese."

That spurred several minutes of silliness in which we generated a slew of new names for this fabulous cheese: Tartufi-yummoluti, Truffulapagus, Gufi-truffi al tartufo. The list goes on. It's truffle-licking good.

A final word on the gefilte fish -- the rabbi brought me the finished samples yesterday morning. Roly-poly fish balls...


cindym said...

You should rename this blog to ME Eats CHEESE! You guys are the hardest-core cheese people ever.

So I feel I must tell you that I finally went to Gary Danko, and I finally experienced that cheese cart. And ever since then I have been thinking about one particular cheese: Andante Dairy's Acapella. http://www.andantedairy.com/acapella.html

It was so good it haunts me.

xox, Cindy

ME said...

LOL -- Yeah, I guess we're a little obsessive that way, huh?

MMMMMMmmmmm Acapella..... I think it's time we start to plan that visit to the Goat Cheese Makers of the North. What do you say?

(BTW, how was Gary Danko???)

cindym said...

Sure! Goat cheese makers of the north!?? Sign me up...

Gary Danko was wonderful, but the amazingly attentive service kind of freaked me out. It was like ghosts swirling through the room, sweeping up my plate the moment i was finished eating...preternaturally good service. Scary good. :0