Saturday, February 10, 2007

Boule aux Truffes: Everything's better with truffles

Our cheese this week? From the fresh cheese case we were enticed into truffle-land by the cheesemonger -- "Oh this is my favorite cheese of everything. Would you like to try it?"

Well, with a lead-in like that, how could we possibly refuse? This little pouffe of goat cheese is a Boule aux Truffes from Fromagerie Soreda in the Perigord region. Tiny flecks of truffle give off a delicious scent that hits your brain before you even get the first creamy bite to your lips.

A guest appearance from our shadow kitty, deep in contemplation of the truffle boule.


Ms. K said...

Hello ME! Funny, I was thinking about you and thinking I hadn't seen your dance writing recently. Then I found this, thanks to Google. I didn't know you were a foodie, let alone a fellow blogger. Wonderful posts and photos, I'll be back for more.
Karen Hildebrand

ME said...

Hi, Ms. K! How are you? It's the my hidden side--LOL. I guess not so hidden since it's a blog. I like your blog, though! It makes me a little homesick for New York...