Monday, November 06, 2006

Naturally lowering blood pressure

Sometimes I get overwhelmed -- especially on election days. I get panicky -- I spend days on political blogs. I blanch two cups of walnuts and they all disappear mysteriously into my maw as I reflexively jump from Wonkette, to the NY Times, to the Washington Post to the Daily Kos, to The Onion, to RealClearPolitics, to Wonkette, to the Times, to... you get the picture... All day. Seriously, all day.

My blood pressure is on a roller coaster this week, needless to say. Plus I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I need fuzzy breaks to keep me in line. I need those little head butts that remind me to stop eating those damned walnuts (blanched in milk, then toasted is the way to cook them, incidentally.) and chill out with a nice cup of tea. And then, his work here done, this kitty snoozes.

This kitty does not.

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