Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Miticrema Mystery

A few months back I was visiting the Cowgirls down at the Ferry Building and Ranger Nan waved me over, "Oh, ya gotta taste this -- we just got some in."

On the tip of a tasting spoon was a dollop of something that looked quite pleasantly creamy and tasted fantastic -- with all the soft texture of fluffed cream cheese but with wonderful fresh sheeps's milk flavor and a hint of tang. "Miticrema," she announced. A Spanish sheep's milk cheese from the Murcia region near the coast.

Oddly enough, Eric wasn't with me, and when I brought him back the next day for a taste, they were totally sold out of it.

We spotted it again at Whole Foods recently and got a little tub, and it's quite lovely and delicate. We're still trying to decide what to do with it (on bagels just seems too mundane) but Eric votes for ripe figs and Miticrema. There's surprisingly little about it on the web, although you can visit the importer's website -- I love their name, "Forever Cheese." Sounds vaguely pornographic...

I also like how they offer it in little 3.5 oz bottles, but also mention that you should "ask about the 2 kg size." Well, okay then.

The Cheese Kitty, emulating a fluffed quenelle of Miticrema.


Eric Wayne said...

It looks like the cheese kitty is having some "trouble" with his Mitticrema.

ME said...

It's apparently stuck in his ear.

Anonymous said...

cesars new location on piedmont ave, oakland has a "mercado" and they sell this great cheese imported.... has som the other day .. on their menu with netarines and honey wow.... bought the cheese.... imported..

ME said...

Wow, thanks for the tip -- I certainly wouldn't mind a little more of it!