Friday, June 23, 2006

Robe me in Robiola


We've managed to wrench ourselves away from French cheeses for just a moment to savor some lovely creamy, grassy Italian Robiola. Legal, or illegal, we don't know, though from the rind I'm guessing pretty much over 60 days.

It's still nicely goopy, don't get me wrong, but, oh what could have been...

Nevertheless, I do particularly love the label which says "CONTAINS: Milk."

Yes it does.

Here's what Janet Fletcher had to say about Robiolas in the SF. Chronicle.

We're consuming it with a nice glass of Ravenswood Lodi Zin. I was recently reading that in Zinfandel you're supposed to remember the five R's: Ridge, Rosenblum, Ravenswood, Renswood, and Rabbit Ridge. To which I add the sixth "R," Robiola.

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