Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sneaking soppresata on a sick day

Yeah, the sore throat is going around -- different bug this time, but made me feel down and out enough so that a nice day wrapped up in flannel at home was warranted. I get lazy and a little weird on days like this.

Eric brought in some groceries and went out again. As I was unpacking them I noticed he'd bought some soppresata. I love soppresata. Before the milk and eggs were in the fridge, before the bags were off the table, I had cut open the package and was standing over the sink furtively stuffing a slice into my mouth.

There was no reason to be furtive or guilty. I was alone. And it's not like we're saving it for a reception or something (not that that would have stopped me.)

I don't know why I was acting so silly. Or why I couldn't be civilized and put out some slices on a plate with a bit of cheese, since there was one on the counter right in front of me. It's just that in my mind, it tastes better this way.

Hmmm. what else is in the fridge?

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