Monday, October 03, 2005

Testing...testing....: Beef Wellington

So next weekend we're planning a big dinner. Big. BIG. We'll be up at a friend's lovely house in her amazingly gorgeous kitchen. Our kitchen looks like this, and pretty much only admits one person --plus one cat -- at any given time.

We've lined it with every kitchen implement we can possibly manage, and we like to think it's a model of spatial efficiency, but the truth is, we live in an apartment built for a time when cooking meant heating up Chinese takeout or tossing a Swanson's in the oven. What's funny is the rest of the place is quite nice and spacious, but then the kitchen is stuffed into a little nook.

You do what you can.

This time it's the Beef Wellington. I think this one is going to work out beautifully if we can just get a better seal on the puff pastry...

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