Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ginger and Blue -- but which blue?

We've been meticulously rearranging the home office for almost a week -- labelling boxes, sorting stationery, backing up computers, bundling and boxing receipts for each tax year. With all that careful organizing, how is it that we didn't keep the label for this cheese?

Here's how the conversation goes:

" What is this?"
"But which one?"
"Umm... Valdeon?"
"No, we finished the Valdeon -- but I think it's Spanish."
"Cabrales? Are you sure it's Spanish?"
"Yes, we got it to go with the quince jelly we made."
"Hmm... mild ..."

We pause to examine the World of Blues on the Cook's Thesaurus.

"Castello. I think."
"But that's not Spanish. That's Danish."

Dang it all.

Well, anyhow -- great in eggs and melts beautifully.

In other news, I'm also astonished by the near overnight sprouting up of a ginger plant. Well, partly astonished -- I mean, I did plant it after all. I'm just amazed that it actually grows in this household where whatever I don't kill, the kitties will munch until it ... um...dies.

I had noticed that our ginger, which we never seem to use up quickly enough, had semi-dried out, but also sprouted a little greenery, so I stuck it in some dirt and to my amazement, the rhizome fattened up and the sprout took off like gangbusters.

Kitty does not know which item to chew first, the ginger, the spider plant or the blue.

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