Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Avgolemono soup - major comfort food!

This recipe came from someplace online, but the cook who posted it said:
"I'm 34 and have been making this since I could stand up on the stool in my Yia Yia's kitchen (my grandmother who is now 80 yrs. old). This recipe will make a perfectly balanced salty, rich, filling, comforting soup."

Eric just can't get enough of the stuff. For added fun, shred a bit of cooked chicken breast and chop some carrots and veggies into it. I also add a little bit more orzo than called for because I love orzo so much....

Soupa Avgolemono:
8 c. homemade chix stock,
1 c.orzo,
4 eggs/ separated,
juice of 3 lemons,
fresh ground black pepper.

Boil broth, add orzo and simmer until tender 20 min. Whip whites until medium peaks, add yolks beating continuously, add juice, beating.

Temper eggs with 2 c. broth, adding in constant slow stream while continuing to beat furiously so you do not curdle the eggs. Add egg mixture back to remaining broth and serve. When reheating, do not re-boil - heat slowly until very warm or you may curdle the eggs. Garnish with thinly sliced lemon.

I sometimes add more than juice of 3 lemons, as the sourness is the best part of the taste! You should taste lemon, richness of eggs, salt of chicken, and starch of rice, in that order and you've made it perfectly.

You can also add thin pieces of shredded chicken meat (pull off bone in strips), although classic recipes don't include chicken, vegetables, garlic or any of the ingredients many reviewers added to "fix" this recipe. Try mine and you'll be hooked for life!

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vicki said...

that sounds sooooooo good. I'm always looking for good soup recipes, and finding one on a random blog search must be a sign! :)